What I Offer


I can help you become a confident, skilled writer and an author. I can be a contributing author, and coach for stories and novels. Book shepherding is also possible.

In acquiring my status as a published writer, and as a writing instructor for all age groups, I’ve solved writers’ blocks, edited works by other writers for two decades, read hundreds of articles, blogs and books about the craft, attended many writers’ events, participated in critique groups, gained expertise in several genres, entered writing competitions, reviewed books, joined a statewide writers’ club, pitched my book proposals in person to three agents with all three requesting my manuscripts.


There are almost endless facets to editing. First there at least five categories of editing, from comprehensive to just proofreading. Most categories have a wide range of specific components. Within each component, the level or degree of editing applied can be light/medium/or heavy. When editing the academic papers, stories, and book manuscripts of writers, especially those with English as their second language, I often use multiple categories, components, and levels.


After attending part time courses for six years, concentrated in the Art department at City College of San Francisco, I transferred with an Associate in Arts degree to San Jose State University. Continuing fine arts studies there, I received a Bachelor of Arts diploma with a Special Major. I refer to it as a degree in Creative Writing and Art. It required a 30-page thesis, a campus gallery display of my watercolors, pen and ink drawings, a diorama, and my poems.

Later, I taught small classes for a gifted children’s organization in papier mache sculpture, techniques with clay and cartooning . I led a robotics vehicle workshop for middle school tweens whose designs won an award in the San Francisco to Monterey region. I also offered private arts and crafts lessons for elementary school children. All these activities were at my home and my son and daughter participated in them.

Uncategorized: In 2014 & 2016 I was among the judges for the “Bluefire” Annual Literary Journal, published by The Leyla Beban Young Writers Foundation. Open to worldwide submissions by writers in grades 6-12 or equivalent that meet all entry criteria. Fiction stories only. Mandatory word count of “precisely” 1000 words. !st place winners in grades 6-8 and 9-12 receive $1000 scholarships. Other awards available. Contest opens each November and closes each February.