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This book manuscript is in progress. An agent has requested it. It is a “twisting family saga” about a mother and her two children who fled the Spanish Civil War and were swept into the throes of early Nazi occupation. Breaking free they ended up in Mexico. Eventually, one made it to the US and became a citizen. Details of challenges, failures, dysfunctions, and triumphs are based on stories handed down and presented as true.


A finished, carefully crafted fanciful, gender-free story for the Novelty (age 3 & up) and Early Leveled (age 5-9) book lovers. Accompanying it is an interactive lullaby. I can picture an animated version and stuffed toys making it come all the more alive. I won’t give the story idea away, but I can tell you my own children enjoyed it and asked for the lullaby at bedtime for years. Now my grandchildren are enjoying this family treasure.

MEMOIR: Authentic Moments

Requested by the same agent, this book manuscript in progress as well. It picks up where Wire Monkey ends. As a first generation American woman, I tell the story of my dark childhood secrets, being on my own at sixteen in California buffeted by the 1960s sexual revolution, onset of feminism, and prevalence of drugs. Decades pass as dreams manifest and shatter while gaslighted into a medical misdiagnosis. Courageous self-determination conquers plight, bringing fulfillment of dreams, unique successes, enduring love and joy.


Set in a small town in the mid-1950’s, this completed non-fiction piece is about a secret, shared wish between two little girls who are neighbors and best friends. They learn the power of having wishes, how this affects others, and the responsible way to be when their wish comes true. For Novelty and Early Leveled age groups, this story shows the magical charm of hope and noble acts.


This is a completed Middle Grade (age 8-13) short story. It’s based on the true story of a young girl leaving the US behind when her family moves to Europe. The reader tags along as the girl encounters surprises that are important lessons in life. Woven in are humor and truths appealing to MG readers. I’m entertaining notions of portraying this girl’s stage in life as a series.


Altogether different, this brief and punchy work features an unlikely character who is in her mid-90s. It is poignant and disgusting and very true to life. It will make you think twice, maybe with dread, about what your own future could harbor. You will be able to finish the story in about a minute, then want to toss it away to forget it as quickly as possible but it will, nonetheless, leave a lasting impression on you. I may follow up with more in this genre.



The Writers’ Bloc, a local group that I attended for awhile, decided to put their works together. One of the writers, Stacy David Thurston, created Tiger Farm Press specifically to publish our anthology. It was my first foray into being published and as an editor. “Journeys - A Peninsula Writers Bloc Anthology” can be ordered from Amazon for $2.99 a copy.


Even though I edited “Sleep Matters,” for Dr. Roger Washington, I have never personally concluded if this work was meant to be serious or humorous. It may sound odd, but it works either way it strikes you. It’s a short read, yet may make a difference in your thinking about how much sleep you need. The doctor definitely makes his point after observing patients’ health issues during his long years in practice. Since the price for this book appears incorrect on Amazon, I believe I can arrange a direct order for you from the author until that is resolved. Please use my contact form for your request.


A German gentleman, who immigrated to the US tells the dramatic story of how his parents, during their youth, were caught up in Hitler’s web. This talented author startles and grips readers as he details their “inside” involvement in that regime. Escaping, they became expatriates in the the US, bringing along and raising their only son here. He is a UC Berkeley graduate, and has written another book about his wild days as a student. “Reality Nomads,” which I worked on heavily as a developmental editor, was self-published, under a pen name and is distributed privately by the author. If you wish to obtain a copy, I may be able to arrange that. Please use my contact form for your request.


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Syed Raza Haider, a San Francisco Bay area resident and scientist, masterfully created the story of Amina. As young girl, Amina lives a sheltered, traditional life in Pakistan with one difference. She enjoys a privilege unavailable to other girls, and even few boys. She and her family experience the contrast of war’s crushing sorrow and the alluring exhilaration of fame. The ending leaves readers musing about Amina’s choices in the past, present, and future. This book is available on Amazon in various formats. It remains my all time favorite editing task.


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